Many of us spend long hours working to provide for ourselves and our families, and quite often it’s a daily affair with little reason to think of contacting a lawyer. But what should you do when the unthinkable happens and you suddenly require a professional legal expert for workplace-related issues? 

Employment law can be complex, and many employers can intimidate you and leave you feeling hopeless. Don’t despair, employment law experts can help you navigate your rights and provide you with professional legal advice and representation as required. Here are some of the most common reasons that you should consider seeking help from an employment lawyer:

Unfair Dismissal

One of the most common enquiries we receive involves unfair dismissals. If you’ve recently been terminated for reasons that you believe are unfair, it’s possible that your employer violated your rights and you may be entitled to compensation. 

Employers and employees alike must abide by Australia’s Fair Work Act, but there may be times where your employer has violated this act either knowingly or unknowingly.  We can help you to seek redress if this has occurred.  

Losing your job can have many implications.  It can take time to find new employment and you will need to pay all your bills regardless of losing your job.  If you are entitled to additional payments this will help you to get through.  

Discrimination & Harassment

Workplace discrimination and harassment comes in various forms. If you’ve been discriminated against on the grounds of your ethnicity, gender, age, or personal beliefs by your employer, it’s best to contact a lawyer to help you out. Likewise, sexual harassment has no place in today’s workplace but unfortunately still occurs.

If you’re a victim of workplace discrimination or harassment, it may feel like there’s nobody to turn to. Lawyers can help preserve your dignity and help you seek justice for unfair treatment in the workplace.

Termination & Severance Package Negotiations

It’s normal in most business cycles to go through peaks and troughs, and employees are often let go when times are rough. If you’re having trouble receiving a severance package or feel that you’re not getting a fair deal, an employment lawyer can help you negotiate for a better deal, minimise impacts to your future employability, and secure any payments that may be owed to you.

Quite often, many Australians choose to leave their current employer before retirement age to turn over a new leaf. This may mean foregoing retirement packages at times, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot negotiate for a fair exit package altogether.

Workplace Injuries

Occupational workplace safety is a great concern not to be ignored. Unfortunately, Australian workplace injuries are very common and can often be avoided altogether. If you’ve been injured at work, it’s important that you understand your rights and take action where necessary to seek appropriate compensation. 

Our lawyers assist workers who have been injured in the workplace to obtain what is fair and reasonable and help them into the future. 

Reviewing Job Offers

Pondering a new job offer and not sure it’s right for you? Employment contracts can be long and full of unpleasant surprises that may be overlooked, or even worse, may violate your rights as an employee. A legal expert can help to review and assess your employment contract, negotiate fair terms to ensure that your new job contract can be signed with confidence.

Starting a new job can be exciting.  Often the only focus is the job and the detail in your contract gets overlooked until issues arise. Our lawyers will help you handle this transition with confidence and ensure that your best interest is looked after. 

What Should You Do?

Don’t take your chances if you feel that your employment rights have been violated. If you’re in Melbourne or Dandenong, come visit us at Pentana Stanton Lawyers. Our friendly legal experts can help you negotiate a fair outcome and provide you with professional representation should you require it.