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Exceptional Criminal Defence with
Pentana Stanton Lawyers

Facing criminal charges is an incredibly stressful experience filled with uncertainty. At this critical time, choosing the right legal advocate is essential. Pentana Stanton Lawyers is Melbourne’s leading firm for superior criminal defence, guiding you with unparalleled legal support.

Our expertise in criminal law comes from years of defending a wide array of cases, enhancing our strategies to be both dynamic and effective. Our Melbourne-based team combines deep local judicial knowledge with broad insights into Australian criminal law, ensuring advice that’s legally solid and strategically sharp.

Beyond our legal proficiency, we’re committed to understanding and supporting our clients through the emotional challenges of their legal journey. Our approach balances rigorous defence with compassion, making sure you feel supported at every turn.

From pre-trial preparations to courtroom representation and beyond, Pentana Stanton Lawyers is dedicated to your defence. Partner with us for a journey marked by trust, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

Superior Legal Defence for Critical Outcomes

Facing criminal charges threatens your freedom, reputation, and financial well-being.
Choosing a criminal law firm in Melbourne with a proven history of outstanding results is crucial.

murder offence

Indictable Offences 

Navigate complex legal challenges with our expert defence against serious criminal charges, ensuring meticulous representation for your case.

burglary offence

Summary Offences 

Benefit from our dedicated support and strategic advice for less severe, yet impactful, criminal allegations.

Traffic Offence

Traffic Offences 

Receive specialised guidance for traffic-related charges, focusing on minimising penalties and safeguarding your driving privileges.

Navigating Indictable
Offences with
Expert Defence

Facing an indictable offence demands a defence that is both strategic and meticulous. At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we are more than solicitors; we are your partners in navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system.

Our team, located in Melbourne & Dandenong, brings extensive experience to defend a wide range of serious charges, from corporate crime and drug offences to murder. We understand the importance of securing bail, enabling you to participate in your defence, and have a strong record of success in bail applications across Magistrates’, County, and Supreme Courts.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • GBH, Manslaughter, and Murder: Precise defence for the most serious accusations.
  • Drugs and Weapons Charges: Protecting your rights amid complex allegations.
  • Corporate Crime: Combining legal and corporate insights to address white-collar crimes.
  • Fraud and Theft: Employing thorough investigations and robust defence strategies.
  • Terrorism: Dedicated defence for severe national security charges.
  • Sexual Offences: Discreet, compassionate handling of sensitive charges.

With high stakes, you need a defence team that’s committed, skilled, and relentless. Choose Pentana Stanton Lawyers for an advocate who stands with you at every step.

Justice scales and gavel on legal book representing Melbourne's criminal law.
Man being apprehended by police officers in Melbourne, symbolising the start of a criminal law case.

Addressing Summary
Offences with
Expert Legal Support

Facing a summary offence introduces you to a legal domain where the stakes, though different from indictable offences, are still high. These charges, perceived as ‘minor’ within the criminal justice system, can lead to substantial fines or imprisonment.

Pentana Stanton Lawyers champions the importance of understanding your legal position as the foundation for a robust defence. Our Melbourne and Dandenong – based summary offence specialists are here to offer guidance, representation, and staunch advocacy. Our goal is clear: to secure the most favourable outcome for your case.

Our Areas of Defence Include:

  • Assault: Strategic defence against assault allegations through comprehensive investigation.
  • Trespassing: Expert handling of unlawful entry charges, ensuring your rights are protected.
  • Property Damage: Addressing allegations of property damage with detailed defence strategies.
  • Disorderly Behaviour: Mitigating charges related to public disturbances with skillful representation.
  • Offensive Behaviour: Defending against charges of public offence or nuisance with dedication.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we’re committed to navigating the complexities of summary offences, ensuring your case is met with the expertise and attention it deserves.

Request a consultation at either our Melbourne CBD or our Dandenong office. 

Expert Defence for
Traffic Offences

Navigating traffic offences requires a blend of rights awareness, legal understanding, and strategic defence planning. Pentana Stanton Lawyers, Melbourne’s leading firm for traffic law advice, brings over eight years of successful client representation in the Magistrates’ Court, guiding cases to optimal outcomes.

Our services cover all aspects of traffic law:

  • Speeding Fines: We challenge fines by questioning device accuracy and enforcement methods.
  • Dangerous Driving: Defending you against claims of hazardous driving with a comprehensive strategy.
  • Drunk-Driving: Expertly handling DUI charges, from testing accuracy to ensuring procedural fairness.
  • Licence Suspension: Supporting appeals for reduced suspension or seeking alternative penalties.
  • Accident Litigation: Skilled representation in traffic accident claims for a just resolution.

Facing a traffic offence in Melbourne? Trust Pentana Stanton Lawyers to steer your case towards the best possible result with our proven expertise and commitment.

Police officer discussing with individuals at a car accident scene in Melbourne, highlighting the need for legal assistance.
Handcuffs presented by police officer symbolising law enforcement in Melbourne.

Guidance for First-Time Offenders

Facing the legal system as a first-time offender is not only daunting but carries consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom. The possibility of a criminal record looms large, potentially affecting everything from financial loans and housing options to job prospects and international travel.

A single conviction can set up significant roadblocks in your life, regardless of the offence’s severity. It’s crucial, then, to have a criminal lawyer who understands both the legal landscape and the profound personal impact of a conviction.

Pentana Stanton Lawyers is more than a legal firm; we’re your partners in protecting your future. Our experienced team is committed to minimising the long-term effects of a charge, striving to avoid a recorded conviction whenever possible, even in cases of a guilty plea. Let us help safeguard your future against the potential repercussions of a first-time offence.

Criminal Law FAQs 

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Victoria?

The cost of a criminal lawyer is based on their experience, qualifications, and the type of firm they work at. Senior, accredited criminal lawyers who work at big firms typically cost more than junior, non-accredited lawyers at smaller firms.  As a result, Victorian criminal lawyers typically cost between $300 and $800 per hour.  

The cost of your case depends on the lawyer you hire, your plea, the type of charges, and the complexity of your case. For a straightforward summary offence, representation could cost you a few thousand dollars. For a complicated indictable offence with a not guilty plea, the cost of a solicitor and a barrister could run upwards of $100,000. 

How much does bail cost in Victoria?

When you’re charged with an offence that the police can arrest you for, you don’t necessarily go to prison.  Sometimes, the police may grant you bail at the police station. In other cases, you’ll need to apply for bail in court. 

Even if you have to apply to the Court for bail, it may be granted with no conditions attached. This generally happens when the Court is satisfied that you’ll appear on your scheduled court dates. 

Sometimes, though, your bail may have conditions imposed. These can include: 

  • Not contacting certain people 
  • Reporting to a police 
  • Not visiting certain areas 
  • A promise to pay money to the Court if you fail to appear from a surety (who could be a friend or family member)  
  • A deposit paid by you to the Court, which will be forfeited if you fail to appear 

There is no set cost for deposits or money paid by sureties. Generally, more serious charges attract stricter bail conditions. 

How do I choose a criminal defence attorney?

The ‘right’ criminal defence solicitor is one who gets you the best possible outcome in court – both at trial and during sentencing. 

Here are a few ways to find a criminal defence attorney who you’re happy with: 

  • Browse their website and see whether their experience and point of view aligns with how you want to approach your charges. 
  • Talk to other people you know. If someone has been represented well in a case that’s similar to yours, their lawyer could be a good choice. 
  • Understand your budget. You may not be able to afford top-tier lawyers – and, if your charges are relatively minor, you may not need to. Weigh up the potential impact of a criminal conviction against the cost of retaining a team of big-firm solicitors.  

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