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Seeking Legal Aid in Victoria: Ensuring Access to Justice for Those in Need 

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we understand the importance of access to legal representation for a fair and just society. If you find yourself facing a legal problem and are unable to afford a legal aid lawyer in Melbourne, you may be eligible for a “grant of legal assistance” through the legal aid program provided by the government of Victoria. However, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria outlined by Legal Aid Victoria to determine whether you qualify for legal aid services.

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Guidelines for Grant of Legal Assistance 

More than As a legal aid provider, Legal Aid Victoria operates within limited funds while facing high demand for legal services. To ensure that the available resources are allocated to individuals who require them the most, Legal Aid Victoria has established guidelines that define the criteria for granting legal assistance. Eligibility for a grant of legal assistance is determined by whether your legal problem and financial circumstances meet these guidelines, ensuring that those in greatest need receive the support they require. for legal aid matters. Here’s why. 

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We’re a full-service legal advice firm, but we started out helping Victorians navigate the family law system.  

As experienced legal aid family lawyers, we know how to help you move forward with your life – even in stressful or extreme situations.  

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Most lawyers passively represent clients, viewing them as cases, not people. 

Instead, we actively advocate for the outcome you deserve, grounding our approach in our understanding of your individual needs. 

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With legal aid lawyers fluent in Arabic, Bosnian, Cantonese, Croatian, English, Greek, Serbian, Sinhalese and Spanish, we’re a law firm for all Victorians.  

Qualifying Legal Problems 

Legal Aid Victoria’s guidelines encompass a comprehensive list of legal matters for which a grant of legal assistance may be provided. While the majority of grants are allocated for criminal or family law matters, they also consider applications for other legal issues such as guardianship, infringements, migration, social security, mental health, and discrimination matters.

To be eligible for a grant of legal advice in Melbourne, your legal problem must fall within Legal Aid Victoria’s guidelines. Most legal problems must satisfy the relevant “reasonableness test,” commonly known as the merits test. The merits test varies depending on the specific legal matter and considers factors such as:

  • The potential benefits to you and the public resulting from the grant of legal assistance.
  • Whether the benefits justify the cost of legal assistance.
  • The potential harm to you if the grant is refused.
  • The likelihood of a favourable outcome in a court proceeding.
  • Whether providing the grant is in the interests of justice.
  • Reasonable grounds for a criminal appeal, if applicable.
  • The likelihood of success in your legal matter.
  • Whether a prudent person with limited funds would invest their own money in the legal action.

To determine whether your legal problem meets the guidelines, it is advisable to contact Legal Aid Victoria’s Legal Help team for further assistance.

Pentana Stanton Lawyers are s 29A panel practitioners. 

That means we’ve been approved by Victoria Legal Aid to support legally assisted people with family law matters. 

Talk to us to find out how we can help. 

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Financial Circumstances Assessment 

In addition to the merits test, Legal Aid Victoria’s guidelines include a means test that applies to most adults seeking a grant of legal assistance. The means test is used to assess whether you have the financial capacity to engage a private lawyer. It takes into account factors such as your income, assets, and expenses. If you receive financial support from others, such as a spouse, partner, or family member, their income, assets, and expenses will also be considered.

The means test establishes income and asset thresholds that you (and any financial supporters) must meet to be eligible for a grant of legal assistance. It considers various aspects of your financial situation, including:

  • Income from employment, welfare benefits, or other sources.
  • Ownership of valuable assets, such as a house or car.
  • Weekly living expenses.
  • Financial responsibilities towards dependents or others relying on your support.

Contact Legal Aid Victoria’s Legal Help Team 

If you are uncertain about whether your legal problem and financial circumstances meet the guidelines for a grant of legal assistance, it is recommended to reach out to Legal Aid Victoria’s Legal Help team. They will provide the necessary information and guidance to help you determine your eligibility for legal aid services.

Where We Can Help 

Situated in Melbourne, Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we are committed to supporting individuals in their pursuit of justice. While we may not determine eligibility for legal aid, we are here to provide legal representation and support for those who qualify for legal aid lawyers. If you meet the eligibility criteria, our firm is ready to assist you through your legal journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to address your legal needs and provide the most suitable legal advice.

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Legal Aid FAQs 

Is legal aid free in Victoria?

Legal aid is sometimes free in Victoria. If your assessable income is less than $360 per week and your assessable assets are less than $1,095, you generally won’t have to pay anything. 

Other eligible applicants will normally be asked to pay a contribution towards their matter, which will be decided by Victoria Legal Aid based on their contribution guidelines. 

What is the maximum income to qualify for legal aid in Victoria?

There is no ‘maximum’ income for legal aid. Legal aid is granted based on how capable you are of paying for a lawyer with your current assets and income, so, if your matter is extremely expensive, you could be eligible for legal aid even if you’re earning a reasonable amount of money per week.  

What is the maximum income to qualify for legal aid in Victoria?

Legal aid covers many of the costs associated with matters. For example, in family law and child support matters, a grant of assistance normally covers everything from interpreters and expert reports to independent children’s lawyers and barristers. To find out whether a cost is covered by your legal aid, speak to your lawyer. 

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