Legal Aid Lawyers Melbourne

Pentana Stanton Lawyers is a leading law firm operating in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Our legal aid lawyers Melbourne team is on the Legal Aid Panel and can assist with obtaining legal aid funding to fund family law litigation.

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Pentana Stanton Lawyers is a leading legal firm in Melbourne and suburbs, thanks to a strong reputation build over the years with our client base.

We would like to build on this reputation and tradition while continuing our commitment to offering top quality legal assistance and representation for everyone who is in need of these.

We also believe that limited access to justice is as good as denial of justice. To this end, our legal aid lawyers in Melbourne offer legal aid to help those with limited resources.

We offer our expert legal solutions for the following:

  • Mediation of family disputes
  • Family law matters relating to children
  • Spousal maintenance and arrears
  • Child support and maintenance and arrears
  • Nullity of marriage
  • Appeals of family law or child support matters
  • International child abduction matters
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Legal Aid

Am I Eligible for Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is available to those who meet certain eligibility criteria and means test. Please do provide all the relevant information with respect to your income, assets and outgoings/liabilities so that we can assess your eligibility to receive Legal Aid Grant.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid based on your circumstances and means but are unable to afford full legal costs, we may consider offering you a discounted rate based on a case assessment.

Our Legal Aid Lawyers are here to help

Sometimes, circumstances in life are challenging when you need the services of a legal aid lawyer in Melbourne, even when you may not be able to afford one. Legal assistance is vital in such situations and this is where you can count on us!

Pentana Stanton legal aid Lawyers of Melbourne handle legally aided matters relating to Family Law. We understand that the sensitive nature of these matters requires them to be handled with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Contact us on (03) 900 22 800 for further information and to arrange a consultation with one of our legal aid lawyers in Melbourne.