‘No win no fee’ is a phrase which captures an agreement between a legal team and their clients that if the case is not won, then the client will not be charged. At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, this means that we assess individual cases, and offer this agreement if we believe that the case has a high chance of winning. 

How is a no win no fee agreement offered?

This means that we will assess your case. This will be based on the information you provide us with, including our interview with you. In some cases we will also need any medical reports or information from your employer. Whether your case merits a no win no fee agreement will be decided quite quickly providing all documents and reports are available and accessible by our lawyers.

What does a ‘no win no fee’ agreement cover?

This includes all billable hours by our lawyers. You will be kept up to date with invoices as your case progresses though you will not be required to pay until the case has been won.

The agreement, however, does not cover third party payments. This includes any court filing fees, or charges by doctors to release your medical records. In addition, any barrister fees or admin fees such as photocopying will not be included. 

What does it mean for me?

A no win no fee agreement has many benefits for a client:

  1. If you are strapped for cash and don’t have excess funds, then you don’t have to worry about your legal fees.
  2. You can let your lawyers work on your case stress-free since you will only need to pay the billable hours once the case has been won.
  3. You will be able to proceed with your case and expect to receive the same level of service as those paying along the way.
  4. It should give you confidence that your case is deemed winnable by our lawyers

Pentana Stanton – No Win No Fee

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers our professional team of experienced lawyers can offer you the right legal advice based on your case. Whether you have suffered an injury at work, been wrongly dismissed by your employer, been underpaid, or been left out of a will, you may be eligible for compensation. 

If you believe you have a winnable case but are concerned you cannot afford to pay for it, then do not hesitate to contact Pentana Stanton Lawyers. You can meet one of our experienced lawyers and receive a personal assessment of your case.