Divorce can be a stressful time for anyone and it’s normal to experience mixed feelings. Fear is a powerful emotion that can begin to feel overwhelming. It can, however, be faced and conquered, particularly if your divorce is handled professionally by legal experts who can help you obtain a favourable outcome. Here are five of the most common divorce fears.

1. Fear of Loneliness

Whether you’ve been married for a few years or a few decades, you’ll have grown accustomed to the company of your spouse for better or for worse. Thoughts of going about your new life may evoke loneliness, but this fear can be alleviated by raising your self-confidence and trusting that your divorce will bring about new opportunities whilst distancing yourself from a potentially toxic spouse. 

Just because you’ve spent years with someone you once loved doesn’t mean you need to continue a marriage that is no longer working out. Many fall for the ‘sunken cost’ fallacy, whereby one feels that since they’ve invested so many resources like their time and attention as well as financial ones, they should double down and carry on with a stiff upper lip. Doing so is never worthwhile for the sake of your comfort and wellbeing. 

Don’t despair, your divorce will allow you to expand your social circle and meet new people that may otherwise not have been as close during the harder years of your marriage.

2. Fear of Starting Over Again

Marriage does have potential benefits in that you’re sharing your assets and generating income together in the same household. Losing these benefits and starting over again anew can be a daunting challenge, but it’s better than staying in a household that only brings about bad memories and constant fighting. 

Instead, consider the new opportunities that you can encounter in your new life and have confidence that the one thing holding you back is now a distant memory.

3. Fear of Guilt

Guilt is a powerful feeling that can lock people into broken marriages. Whether you feel that you owe something to your spouse, to your family, or to your community, it isn’t right for you. That’s what matters most. After all, your family and friends likely want the best for you, and if you’re constantly unhappy due to your marriage, these signs will show themselves and often in unpleasant ways. 

Instead of feeling indebted to others, ask yourself what is best for you and you alone.

4. Fear of Poverty

In marriages with combined incomes and shared assets, it’s often uncertain how you’ll end up financially after the dust has settled. The fear of losing what’s valuable to you can hold you back, perhaps trying to repair irreparable damage in the marriage for the sake of your assets and a fear of ending up poor. 

Physical goods and cash come and go, and if you’ve thought out your divorce thoroughly then the price of proceeding with the divorce certainly outweighs the cost of an unhappy and miserable life.

5. Fear of Losing Purpose

Especially for couples that have been married for many years, the fear of losing purpose can be paralysing. Your partner may have once given you a deeper purpose in life, but that’s no longer the case. 

How can one readjust to a new life with meaning and purpose? The good news is that new possibilities await those willing to look, and couples undergoing tough divorce proceedings are rarely in a position to engage in these new, meaningful opportunities to the fullest. Go through with your divorce and find purpose through yourself rather than through others.

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