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Whether you’re developing, building, or leasing, having an experienced legal partner is Copyright serves as a crucial form of intellectual property protection, enabling creators to manage the use of their work. In Australia, copyright is an automatic right granted to creators, and it doesn’t require registration. Governed by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), copyright covers a range of original works such as literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic creations. This article aims to provide a basic understanding of Australian copyright law, empowering businesses to assert their rights and seize opportunities for protection.. 

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Ownership of Copyright 

By default, the copyright owner is the creator of the work. However, exceptions arise in cases of employment, where the employer becomes the owner, or with commissioned works, where the commissioner holds the copyright. Additionally, Australian federal or state government agencies own copyright for works created under their direction.

Understanding the Copyright Act 

The Copyright Act covers various types of works, including:

  • Literary, Dramatic, Musical, and Artistic Works: Copyright protects written works like books, poems, and articles, as well as dramatic works such as plays and choreography. Musical compositions and artistic creations, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures, are also safeguarded. Additionally, other subject matters like films, sound recordings, broadcasts, and published editions enjoy copyright protection.
  • Exclusivity of Rights: Under section 31 of the Copyright Act, copyright owners have exclusive rights to reproduce, publish, perform, communicate, and adapt their original work. Each type of work enjoys independent copyright protection. For instance, a compact disc will have separate copyright protection for the lyrics, musical composition, arrangement, and sound recording.

Exceptions and Limitations 

The Copyright Act does not cover certain types of works, particularly if they lack originality or fall into categories like single words, slogans, or titles. Such materials may be protected under trademark law instead. The Act also outlines exceptions to copyright, including fair dealing for purposes such as research, criticism, parody, news reporting, judicial proceedings, and professional advice. Other exceptions include copying for personal use, incidental photographing or filming of artworks in public areas, reproducing materials temporarily for technical processes, and reciting sections of literary works in public.

Assignment and Infringement of Copyright 

Copyright owners have the option to transfer or license their rights, similar to other forms of property. For example, an author may assign copyright to a publisher, while a Creative Commons license allows for the licensing of photographs. In the event of the copyright owner’s death, the copyright can be bequeathed through a will or become part of the estate in the absence of specific provisions.

Copyright infringement occurs when someone commercially exploits or plagiarizes a work without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Remedies for infringement include court-ordered injunctions, seizure of reproduced works, accounting for profits, and awards of damages.

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Duration and Moral Rights 

Copyright protection begins immediately upon the creation of the work. The duration of copyright varies depending on the type of work. Artistic works enjoy 70 years of protection from the date of first publication, while radio and television broadcasts are protected for 50 years. Sound recordings, films, and published editions have copyright protection for 70 years from their creation or publication. Once copyright expires, the work enters the public domain, allowing unrestricted use without crediting the original creator.

In addition to copyright, Australian law recognizes moral rights, which are inherent rights of creators and performers. Moral rights include being acknowledged and credited for their work, preventing attribution to others, and ensuring their work is not treated in a derogatory manner. Moral rights cannot be transferred or waived but can be consented to in specific circumstances.

Copyright law grants creators control over the reproduction, publication, performance, communication, and adaptation of their work. The Copyright Act automatically protects literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other works upon their creation. Understanding copyright empowers businesses to safeguard their creative assets.


Pentana Stanton Lawyers, based in Melbourne, are renowned experts in the field of copyright law. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they provide exceptional legal guidance and assistance to clients, ensuring comprehensive protection of their creative works and effective resolution of copyright-related issues. Should you have any doubts or inquiries regarding copyright law, our expert copyright lawyers in Melbourne are ready to assist you.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution 

With the right team of copyright lawyers in Melbourne, most commercial disputes can be settled outside of court in a swift, cost-effective manner.  

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If the other side refuses to compromise, copyright lawyers will defend your rights both in court and in front of bodies like VCAT.  

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When you’re preparing for your consultation with one of our copyright lawyer, reading up on the basics of property lawyer can be helpful.  

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