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Whether you’re developing, building, or leasing, having an experienced legal partner is essential for streamlining projects and minimising road bumps. 

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Commercial Property Lawyers Melbourne


Buying and selling commercial real estate can be complex.  

Retail, industrial and office properties all have unique strategic and tax considerations that need to be approached in the right way. 

That’s why our commercial conveyancing solutions are holistic. 

Melbourne property lawyers do things like:  

  • Refer you to our trusted network of buyers’ advocates, financial advisers, and brokers 
  • Review tax considerations 
  • Handle the conveyancing process 
  • Provide advice in relation to your overall acquisitions strategy. 
  • Talk to our team to find out how we can help with everything from retail stores to land banking.  

Commercial Leases and Retail Leases 

Commercial and retail leases are two different concepts – despite both applying to business tenants. 

Retail leases are regulated by the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic), which stipulates clear standards of behaviour for both landlords and tenants. 

Most small businesses are retail tenants, although the Act does exclude certain entities from retail leases, including corporations and body corporates. 

Commercial leases apply to any business not covered by the Act. 

They’re not governed by a specific act and are less well-regulated as a result. 

If you’re entering into a retail or commercial list, having an equitable agreement that protects your business is critical. 

Talk to our experienced commercial property solicitors in Melbourne to find out how we can help.  

Success Story 

I had experience with many lawyers regarding my property matter and Penny LaGreca is one of the best, very knowledgeable, listen to every point and her way of presentation is very good, and she is very flexible, can do fix agreement cost.

Bikramjit Singh
Commercial Property Lawyers Melbourne

Residential Development Lawyers 

Expedite residential development projects with legal advice that helps you get the approvals you need. 

In Melbourne and Dandenong, planning applications and development plans are submitted to the City of Melbourne and Greater Dandenong Council respectively.  

Both local governments have strict requirements that need to be met, which can make getting the right approvals difficult. 

Whether you’re subdividing or building new dwellings, our team of the best property lawyers in Melbourne can help you deliver your project in a faster, more budget-sensitive way.  

Commercial Development Lawyers 

A commercial development is a complex endeavour that demands the right legal, financial and strategic advice. 

We’ll support you throughout the development process, from due diligence and feasibility to approvals and conveyancing. 

Find out how our property dispute lawyers in Melbourne can help your project reach delivery faster.  

Commercial Property Lawyers Melbourne

Melbourne Property and Building Disputes 

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Alternative Dispute Resolution 

With the right team, most commercial disputes can be settled outside of court in a swift, cost-effective manner. 

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If the other side refuses to compromise, we’ll defend your rights both in court and in front of bodies like VCAT.  

Your Law Team 

Jesse LaGreca
Partner | Principal Solicitor 

Jesse is a highly experienced commercial solicitor admitted at both the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia. 

He excels at partnering with growing organisations to help drive sustainable growth. 

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Practical Guides to Property Law 

When you’re preparing for your consultation with one of our team, reading up on the basics of property law can be helpful. 

Get started with our library of easy-to-read articles and guides. 

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Commercial Property Law FAQs 

How much does commercial conveyancing cost?

Commercial conveyancing in Victoria typically costs about double the conveyancing cost of residential sales and purchases. For standard commercial property acquisitions, expect to pay anywhere from $1,800 to $2,600.  For standard sales, conveyancing fees range from around $1,400 to $2,000. 

What’s the process for acquiring commercial real estate?

Once you’ve identified commercial real estate for investment or development, most acquisitions follow a similar process. 

  1. Depending on the seller’s preference, buyers may have to submit an EOI or bid for the property at auction. Private sales may also sometimes be conducted. 
  2. If the sale is private or through an EOI campaign, a period of negotiation normally follows. It can be useful to have a buyer’s advocate or solicitor support you during discussions. 
  3. The buyer should conduct due diligence. In addition to fundamentals like pest and building inspections, other checks, such as environmental vulnerabilities and property history should also be conducted.  
  4. A formal offer is made and accepted. 
  5. The buyer must pay the seller a deposit. 
  6. The buyer should obtain financing and arrange insurance. You should coordinate with your solicitor and mortgage broker to set up a lending scenario that protects your business’s long-term interests. 
  7. Once financing has been obtained, your solicitor will calculate adjustments and prepare for settlement. 
  8. Settlement occurs. 
  9. During the cooling-off period (if there is one), your solicitor will arrange for the payment of stamp duty. 

What are the residential development standards in Victoria?

Victoria has a comprehensive set of residential development standards (ResCode) that cover everything from street setback and site coverage to north-facing windows and boundary walls. These standards aren’t included in a single document, but can instead be found throughout Victorian planning schemes and Building Regulations 2018 (Vic). 

You can find a simplified explanation of ResCode here 

Expert representation from leading Melbourne property lawyers. 

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