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Pentana Stanton Lawyers provides expert advice and services in all aspects of commercial law to businesses in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. 

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Navigating the Commercial Landscape with Legal Precision

In the dynamic world of commerce, where business decisions are intricately woven with legal implications, the need for astute commercial law expertise is paramount. Whether you’re launching a startup, structuring a merger, navigating contractual intricacies, or mitigating potential disputes, every step is crucial and every detail counts.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we understand that the business world is a complex tapestry of opportunities and challenges. Our dedicated team of commercial law experts are committed to guiding you seamlessly through this landscape. With a perfect blend of in-depth legal knowledge, industry insight, and a proactive approach, we aim to be not just your legal advisors, but strategic partners in your commercial journey.

From initial consultations to comprehensive legal strategies, we’re here to ensure your business thrives in a compliant, protected, and efficient manner. Step into the world of commerce with confidence, backed by our unparalleled legal expertise.

Our Commercial Law Services 

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Commercial Leases 

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Structures, Sales and Acquisitions 

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Shareholder Agreements 

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Director Duties 

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Investment Structures 

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Contracts and Contractual Disputes 

Commercial Lawyers Melbourne


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Licensing and Property Permits 

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Dispute Resolution 

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Corporate Insolvency

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Registrations and Lodgements 

Business Sales and Acquisitions Lawyer 

In the intricate world of business—where buying, selling, and establishing ventures intertwine with a complex web of legal frameworks—a blend of strategic foresight and robust legal knowledge becomes indispensable.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we stand at the confluence of these domains. Armed with rich expertise in areas like company structuring, acquisitions, divestitures, and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, our mission is to facilitate smooth and compliant transitions for your business endeavors.

Our experience shines particularly bright in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) sector. Whether you’re on the verge of selling, keen on acquiring, or contemplating restructuring a small to medium enterprise, our seasoned team is adeptly equipped to guide you. Every step is meticulously calibrated, ensuring you move forward with clarity, compliance, and confidence.

Commercial Lawyer Melbourne
Commercial Lawyer Melbourne

Financing Lawyer Melbourne 

In today’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, financing serves as a powerful catalyst to accelerate the growth trajectory of startups and small businesses. Yet, navigating the world of financial opportunities demands a blend of savvy business insight and legal expertise.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, our seasoned commercial acumen is tailored to your advantage. Whether you’re venturing into the realm of venture capital (VC) funding or considering traditional bank financing avenues, our expertise ensures you’re positioned for success. We provide advice and guidance in crafting optimal equity and loan structures, meticulously designed to manage and mitigate risks while maximizing benefits.

Harness our wealth of knowledge and experience to secure the financing that propels your business to new heights, all while safeguarding your interests and future prospects.

Why Victorians Choose Pentana Stanton 

“Pentana Stanton Lawyers are a great firm. I highly recommend anyone to see the team at either Dandenong or the city. The team is very honest, and work with you and your matter in a professional, polite, and efficient manner.”

Katrina Macdonald

Commercial Lease Lawyers Melbourne 

In the intricate world of property leasing, whether you’re the property owner (lessor) or the occupant (tenant), the foundation of a sound relationship rests on a well-crafted lease agreement. It’s not just about setting terms; it’s about safeguarding your rights and interests.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, our commercial law team offers comprehensive lease services that stand out for their precision and foresight. We don’t just draft or review agreements; we ensure they resonate with your unique needs, whether it’s for commercial spaces or retail outlets. Beyond the paperwork, our guidance extends to nuanced aspects like due diligence, GST and stamp duty implications, rent escalation clauses, and other pivotal lease-related intricacies.

Confronted with a lease breach or entangled in a dispute? Our proactive approach prioritizes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods to foster amicable resolutions. Yet, should the scenario necessitate legal proceedings, be assured our seasoned attorneys will provide unwavering representation in court, championing your rights with tenacity.

Commercial Lawyer Melbourne
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Insolvency Lawyers Melbourne 

Navigating the challenging terrain of insolvency can be daunting. If your business finds itself in such turbulent waters or is on the verge of it, immediate expert legal counsel is crucial.

Directors shoulder specific legal responsibilities, chief among them being the obligation to steer clear of knowingly trading while insolvent. The repercussions of non-compliance can be severe, both legally and financially.

Addressing the complexities of insolvency requires a multi-faceted approach. Options like schemes of arrangement, voluntary administration, business restructuring, receivership, and ‘pre-packing’ can offer lifelines, but they come with their own sets of regulatory intricacies. Implementing them correctly and compliantly is non-negotiable.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, our premier commercial litigation lawyer melbourne don’t just offer legal advice; they provide comprehensive solutions. We analyze every facet of your predicament, from legal obligations to financial implications and operational challenges. With this 360-degree perspective, our recommendations are holistic, tailored, and designed to steer your business toward the most favourable outcomes.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Melbourne 

In the intricate realm of business conflicts, mediation and alternative dispute resolution often emerge as the most cost-conscious and effective paths to harmony. These methods prioritize collaboration, paving the way for swift and satisfactory resolutions.

However, the world of commerce is diverse, and not every disagreement finds its solution on the mediation table. Instances arise when parties remain entrenched in their stances, making the road to compromise seem distant. In such scenarios, litigation becomes an inevitable and necessary recourse.

Enter Pentana Stanton Lawyers. Our formidable litigation team stands prepared to champion your rights across a vast spectrum of commercial challenges, be it intricate regulatory litigation or straightforward debt recovery matters.

At the heart of our approach is a clear and unwavering objective: to usher your business into the next phase with a fair and balanced resolution. We’re not just about winning cases; we’re about securing justice and setting the foundation for your business’s continued growth and success.

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