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Restoring Equilibrium After Injury: Personal Injury Lawyers Ready to Assist 

If someone’s actions have contributed to your injury or illness, you could be entitled to compensation.  

Receiving what you’re entitled to is about balancing the scales – and moving forward with your life. 

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Workers’ Compensation 

Transport Accident Injuries

Transport Accidents 

Superannuation law

Consent Orders 

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence 



Product Liability

Product Liability 

Silicosis and Dust induced Diseases

Silicosis and Dust-induced Diseases 

Abuse Compensation

Abuse Compensation 

Workers’ Compensation Claims 

If you’ve been injured at work, you could be entitled to compensation under the WorkCover scheme. 

Legally, your employer is required to provide you with a safe place to work. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a full-time employee, a part-timer, or a casual worker (even contractors are covered in certain situations). 

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness as a result of your work, or if an existing condition has worsened, our experienced Melbourne personal injury lawyers will work with you to pursue compensation. 

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Transport Accident Injury Claims

Transport Accident Injury Claims 

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a no-fault insurance scheme for all transport accidents in Victoria. 

If you have a motor vehicle accident – even if it was your fault – the TAC might cover things like: 

  • medical treatment; 
  • support services during recovery; 
  • assistive technology replacement; 
  • income support; 
  • lump sum compensation payments; and 
  • return to work support. 

We advocate for Victorians throughout the TAC process – both for restorative costs, like medical treatment, and, when the accident has been caused by another drive, for compensation. 

Our Melbourne injury lawyers will help you to build a case for the TAC, ensuring that your claim has a strong chance of success.  

If you’ve lost a partner or parent who provided you with financial support in a traffic accident, you could also be entitled to a lump sum payout and/or an ongoing pension.  

Talk to our team of personal injury lawyers in Victoria to find out how we can help.  

Personal Injuries in Public Places 

In Victoria, property owners have a duty of care to people who pass through or visit property they own. 

If an owner has been negligent in ensuring visitor safety and a person is injured, that person can make a public liability claim against the owner. 

‘Public places’ include: 

  • Private homes (when visitors have been invited over) 
  • Businesses, like supermarkets or offices 
  • Council spaces, like parks or footpaths 

Injuries that occur as a result of vehicle accidents or while at work are instead covered by workers’ compensation claims and TAC claims respectively. 

If you’ve been injured at a friend’s house, while in a business or commercial space, or while out and about, you could be entitled to public liability compensation. 

Talk to our Melbourne-based personal injury solicitors to find out how we can help. 

Personal Injuries in Public Places

Victorians We’ve Helped 

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims 

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness (or had an existing condition made worse) under the care of a medical provider, you might have been affected by medical negligence. 

Medical negligence is a type of professional negligence committed by medical professionals, like nurses or doctors. 

In medical negligence, a claim must meet three standards, at minimum, to be successful: 

  1. You, the client, were owed a duty of care by the professional in question. 
  2. The professional breached their duty of care. 
  3. You, the client, have suffered an injury or loss due to the breach of duty.  

In cases where a medical professional has been negligent, you could be entitled to financial compensation. 

Talk to our personal injury law team to learn more about how we help Victorians affected by medical negligence. 

Practical Guides to Personal Injury 

Understanding how personal injury law works is helpful if someone else has contributed to your injury or illness. 

Learn more with our library of easy-to-read articles and guides. 

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Personal Injury Claims FAQs 

Do you have a no-win no-fee option for personal injury claims?

Yes, we do. If we think that your matter has a good chance of success, we’ll offer you a no-win no-fee arrangement. This means that we’ll only charge you for legal costs if you achieve a successful outcome in your matter. 

Unlike other personal injury law firms, we don’t take a fixed percentage of your compensation. We still charge by the hour, but we only bill you for those costs if you win. 

You can read more about our no-win no-fee policy here 

How do you charge for personal injury litigation?

Unlike other personal injury law firms, we don’t take a fixed percentage of your compensation. Instead, we charge by the hour at a rate determined by the experience and credentials of your solicitor. 

How long does a financial settlement take during divorce?

Personal injury payouts vary based on the circumstances of the injury and the type of claim. For example, in 2018/2019, the average successful transport accident claim in Victoria delivered $23,885.43. 

Keep in mind that averages are not indicative of how much you will receive. If your claim is successful, you could receive more or less than the average depending on your individual circumstances.    

Who pays court fees in a financial settlement?

Yes, having an experienced solicitor advocate for compensation on your behalf is always a good idea. Personal injury law is very complex, and your claim is more likely to be successful if you have the help of someone who understands it. 

Expert advice from leading Melbourne personal injury lawyers. 

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