Every year personal injury lawyers help thousands of people find their feet again following an incident.  These skilled professionals provide legal services to those that are eligible for compensation from both physical or psychological injuries. Claims can arise from injuries caused by either the negligence of an individual or that of a company, organization, government or agency.

Personal injury lawyers can assist in a wide range of personal injury cases.  Lawyers who specialist in this field have expertise in workplace injury, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence or when an individual has inflicted personal harm to you or when their actions have resulted in personal harm to you or a family member.

These lawyers will give you the best possible chance of physical and financial recovery since they can assist with all claims arising from the incident.  Your claim can include medical costs, hospitalisation costs and even compensation while you are recovering.

In order to assist you, your lawyer will need to know certain information to ensure a favourable outcome of your claim. Namely:

Previous Accidents or Incidents

Your lawyer needs to know about any previous accidents or incidents that you have suffered in your life.  This is because your insurance assessor might claim that your current injuries don’t result from the accident but originates from a previous injury.
Telling your lawyer of previous incidents also gives them the chance to prepare for any competency accusations that might come your way.

Criminal history

Any criminal offences you might have in your past needs to be discussed with your personal injury lawyer.  Even small offenses like driving tickets should be reported because criminal offenses can jeopardise your claim.  For example, a number of driving offenses can affect your credibility with regards to a motor vehicle accident. You could be considered a reckless driver even though you might be the victim.

Credit Score/Record

Tell your personal injury lawyer about your financial position and current credit rating.  Bad credit ratings and bankruptcy should be discussed with your lawyer so the settlement amount can be used to secure the bad credit that you might have.

Post-Incident Injuries

If you have suffered any additional injuries after the incident took place, you should also inform your lawyer of these injuries.  If the injuries are a result of previous injuries, as in the case where you fall due to mobility issues, then you can pool these injuries with your claims. Non-related injuries should not be included in your claim as it may affect the credibility of your claim.

It is important to be as transparent as possible with your personal injury lawyer.  If your lawyer is aware of your medical history and your role in  the accident, they will know precisely which legal claims are available in the circumstances and a greater likelihood of full injury compensation.

The claims process can be quite complicated, especially when a personal injury has resulted in permanent health damage or a handicap.  For these types of cases, a greater amount could be claimed since you might not be able the same salary prior to the handicap.

It is very important to retain a reputable personal injury lawyer and work collaboratively by making full disclosure of your personal history. This will ensure your claim is processed in a timely manner with a greater likelihood of successfully obtaining full injury compensation.

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