No Win, No Fee Lawyer

In many instances clients may have a good case but cannot afford the legal fees.

NO WIN NO FEE                +  FEES WITHHELD

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers we assess certain cases, and if we believe they have sufficient merit, we will offer you a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement. We offer this in Personal Injury cases, Employment Matters and Contested Wills Cases.

Such an offer is based on our assessment of your case. It is not offered in every situation.

When Will This Be Offered?

This is based upon our assessment of your case and our view that this is a situation where we are willing to offer you a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement.

We will first assess your case including:

  • An interview with you;
  • Obtaining all necessary information and documents from you and in some cases from other sources such as your employer or medical practitioners;
  • Reviewing your documents and the information we have obtained.

We will then form a view as to whether this is a matter where we would offer to act for you on a “No Win No Fee” basis.  Once we conclude this is such a matter you will be offered this in writing in our Costs Agreement.

Responding to a Contract Dispute Claim (Pentana)

How Long Does This Take?

In some matters we can assess this quite quickly, even in the initial interview. This usually is the case with Contested Wills and Employment situations.

But in others, such as personal injury cases, we need to review your medical documentation and obtaining this from your doctors can take quite a while, so it will take longer in those cases.

Is this Offered in All Cases?

The simple answer is No.

We take a big risk when we run your matter on a “No Win No Fee” basis as if you do not win we do not charge you a fee.  When taking on any matter we undertake a substantial and extensive amount of work, and we therefore do not want to do so unless we believe you have good prospects to be successful in your case.

Does a No Win No Fee Cover All Fees

A ‘No Win No Fee’ covers all our professional fees.  That is the fee for your lawyer’s work.

It does not cover amounts paid to 3rd parties such as the following:

  • Court filing fees;
  • Charges of doctors to release your medical records;
  • Costs of any medical appointments and report costs;
  • Printing and Photocopying Costs;
  • Barrister fees.
  • This is in some cases only as in Personal Injury cases our barristers act on a “No Win No Fee”
  • For many of our appearances our solicitors appear and do not engage a barrister
  • Should your matter proceed to a Final Hearing we will normally engage a barrister
  • A barrister may be willing to wait for payment from the settlement of the matter in other situations, but this is on a case by case assessment

These amounts are required to be paid prior to us incurring these.  The Court filing fee will be required before we file with the Court, the costs of any photocopying fees or report costs will be paid before the doctor provides them.

When Do Clients Pay?

For amounts to 3rd parties these are paid in advance of us proceeding to this point

For our legal fees these are paid once the matter is successful.In most cases this is paid from the settlement proceeds received.

‘No Win No Fee’ is not Free

It is important to be aware that a ‘No Win No Fee’ is not an offer to act for you for free.

When your case is successful our legal fees are charged, and these will usually be paid from the settlement outcome you have received.

In some cases, we may provide invoices along the way so you are kept updated on your legal fees that are accruing even though you will not be required to pay these invoices at that time.

Benefits of ‘No Win No Fee’

No Win No Fee is very beneficial as where you cannot afford to pay upfront for our legal services, we may still proceed with your case and act on your behalf.

  • We help you to have access to ‘justice’ and a ‘fair go’ despite your financial circumstances being limited;
  • You have the added confidence that we would not offer this if we did not consider your case had good prospects.

If you believe you have a case but are concerned you cannot afford to pay to proceed with it, contact Pentana Stanton Lawyers and meet with one of our lawyers and have your case assessed.

Whether you have:

  • Suffered an injury at work or in an accident, or
  • Been dismissed from work or experienced some other employment issues such as underpayment;
  • Have been left out of a Will or believe you are entitled to a greater distribution;

We can assess your case and if approved, we will offer to pursue it for you on our ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement.

You can relax that the only costs you need to find will be for charges of third parties. That means there is nothing to stop you from pursuing your case.

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