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Get access to leading Melbourne lawyers with financial pathways like no-win no-fee arrangements, deferred payments, and legal financing.  

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Affordable Legal Expertise at Pentana Stanton Lawyers

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we understand that the quest for legal assistance is often accompanied by concerns about affordability. We believe that access to justice should not be a privilege of the affluent, which is why we have committed ourselves to offering affordable lawyers in Melbourne without compromising on quality and expertise.

Commitment to Cost-Effective Legal Services

Our law firm stands as a beacon of hope for those who are seeking affordable lawyers in Melbourne. Our team is composed of experienced legal professionals who are dedicated to providing clear, straightforward, and effective legal advice and representation across a variety of practice areas.

Whether you’re grappling with family law disputes, employment issues, commercial litigation, or property transactions, our lawyers are not only skilled in their respective fields but are also sensitive to the financial constraints that clients may face. At Pentana Stanton, we take a pragmatic approach to legal costs, ensuring that our services are accessible to individuals and businesses alike.

Transparent Pricing Structure

We pride ourselves on a transparent pricing structure that aligns with our goal to be one of the most affordable lawyers in Melbourne. No hidden fees, no surprise charges – we discuss all costs upfront so that you can make informed decisions about your legal representation.

Our approach to affordability doesn’t stop at our fees. We strive to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, often through negotiation and mediation to avoid costly court proceedings whenever possible. This not only saves you money but also time and stress.

Your Partner in Navigating Legal Challenges

Pentana Stanton Lawyers is more than just a law firm; we are your partners in navigating through legal challenges. Our team offers tailored advice, recognizing that each client’s situation is unique. We listen, we understand, and we devise strategies that best fit your specific needs and budget.

Empowering Our Clients

Empowering our clients is at the heart of what we do. We provide you with the knowledge and options available to you under the law, enabling you to make the best decisions for your case. With Pentana Stanton Lawyers, you are not alone. We stand with you, offering affordable legal assistance every step of the way.

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Ready to experience the relief of having affordable legal support? Contact Pentana Stanton Lawyers today for a free initial consultation. Discover firsthand how our affordable lawyers in Melbourne can assist you with your legal needs while respecting your financial boundaries. Visit our website, fill out our contact form, or call us directly to book your appointment. Let us be your advocates for justice and fairness, without the burden of excessive costs.

Explore Ways to Fund Your Matter 

Every Victorian deserves legal advocacy. Find out how our funding options can help you get the lawyers you need.  

For Select Personal Injury, Employment, and Contested Wills Matters 

Commercial Lawyers Melbourne

No Win, No Fee 

Only pay legal fees if you end up winning. 

For Select Family Law, Employment, Contested Wills, and Commercial Matters 

Debt Recovery and Insolvency Lawyers Melbourne

Deferred Payments 

Delay payments until after your matter has been finalised. 

For Select Family Law Matters 

Superannuation law

Legal Financing 

Get financing through legal lender Plenti. 

No Win No Fee

No Win, No Fee 

Not everyone can afford to pay legal fees upfront. 

While we can’t work for free, we do offer no-win no-fee arrangements for matters that we feel have a strong chance of success. 

A no-win no-fee arrangement means that we’ll only charge you for the work we’ve done if your case has a successful outcome. 

This doesn’t mean we take a fixed percentage of your settlement – we only invoice you for the hours we’ve worked, so you still walk away with the same amount that you would have anyway. 

Because no-win no-fee arrangements are financially risky for us, we only offer them in select personal injury, employment, and contested Wills matters. 

Deferred Payments 

You won’t always have access to your money if something goes wrong. 

Your ex-partner might have locked you out of your bank accounts.  

Your employer might be refusing to pay you. 

A loved one might have treated you unfairly in their Will. 

That’s why, for select matters, we can defer payment for legal fees until after your matter has been finalised. 

We can’t defer payments for every matter, unfortunately, so we do have certain eligibility criteria that you’ll need to meet. 

Normally, we only offer deferred payments for select family law and contested Wills matters. 

Deferred Payments - Funding legal Services
Funding Legal Services

Legal Financing 

Separation is never easy, especially if your ex-partner has control of your assets. 

Legal financing can be one pathway to moving forward, even when you don’t have the cash on hand for a lawyer. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with legal finance provider Plenti, a Sydney-based company that helps everyday Australians fund separation matters. 

Plenti doesn’t ask you to make repayments until after your matter has been settled, meaning you can use the assets from property settlement to pay off your loan. 

Because you’re entitled to a fair split of your marriage’s assets – even if your ex-partner is currently controlling them. 

Debt Recovery Lawyers Melbourne

Pay Nothing Up Front

Debt Recovery and Insolvency Lawyers Melbourne

Low Rates 

Personal Insolvency Lawyers Melbourne

No Interest on Undrawn Funds 

Personal Insolvency Agreement

No Repayments Until Settlement 

Superannuation law

Sustainable and Regulated

Debt Recovery and Insolvency Lawyers Melbourne

Specialist Support

The Plenti Process 

  1. Apply Online

Complete the Plenti online application form here. 

  1. Approval

We check that your matter is eligible for financing. If we approve it, Plenti will send you loan paperwork. 

  1. Invoices Paid

Once Plenti receives your signed paperwork, they can pay our fees on your behalf. You can repay the money once your matter is settled.  

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Legal Funding FAQs 

Does Plenti lend for parenting disputes?

Yes, Plenti finances parenting disputes if they’re connected to property settlement. Matters that only relate to parenting disputes are not eligible for financing. 

When can I get a Plenti loan?

You can apply for a Plenti loan at any stage of your family law matter (even after orders have been made). Matters at a very early stage may be put on hold until we can get enough information to approve your application. 

What does a Plenti loan cover?

Your Plenti loan can be used to cover our fees (provided we approve your application), as well as court costs, barrister costs, and all other disbursements in relation to your matter. You can also use a Plenti loan to pay off money you already owe us. 

Does Plenti do credit checks?

Yes, Plenti does hard credit checks when you apply for a loan, which may temporarily impact your credit score. Having a bad credit score doesn’t necessarily mean Plenti won’t finance your matter – all Plenti financing requires security, so you may still be eligible for a loan. 

How much will I actually pay in interest for a Plenti loan?

Loan rates and additional fees may vary, but a typical Plenti borrower incurs average effective costs of around 8.55% of their principal loan amount over the life of their loan. 

Get the legal expertise that you deserve. 

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