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Choose compassionate family lawyers in Dandenong who prioritize swift and fair resolutions in family law matters, including divorce, child support, and property settlements. Let our Dandenong team be there for you and your loved ones.

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Family Lawyers Dandenong

Finding the right representation in family law isn’t just essential; it’s the cornerstone to ensuring that every aspect of your rights and interests is meticulously guarded.

Located in the bustling heart of Dandenong, Pentana Stanton Lawyers has built a reputation as a bastion of empathy and legal acumen. We don’t just offer legal counsel; we offer a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and a relentless advocate. The emotional weight of family disputes can be staggering. Whether it’s a matter of family law, divorce, child support, or property settlements in Dandenong, you deserve a legal partner who not only understands the intricacies of the law but deeply resonates with your personal journey.

Our team of family lawyers in Dandenong is uniquely positioned in their field, a blend of both heartfelt empathy and an unwavering commitment to their craft. Their primary goal? To safeguard your best interests and those of your children, ensuring that even in turbulent times, there’s a beacon of solace and hope.

Our approach encapsulates both the warmth of human touch and the precision of legal expertise:

  1. Amicable Resolutions: At Pentana Stanton, we’re firm believers in the power of dialogue and collaboration. By championing mediation, we aim to provide you with an avenue where you remain at the helm, making pivotal decisions about your future, be it divorce or property settlements in Dandenong. We stand by the principle that these life-altering decisions should be spearheaded by you, with the courts playing a supportive role.
  2. Court Representation: While we always strive for amicable solutions, we also recognize that some challenges demand courtroom prowess. Our seasoned family lawyers in Dandenong come armed with extensive experience, prepared to navigate the intricate maze of family law challenges, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights staunchly defended.

We’re acutely aware of the financial pressures that often coincide with family separations. That’s why our firm’s affiliation with the Victoria Legal Aid panel is not just a partnership; it’s a statement of our commitment to broader accessibility. This alliance empowers eligible clients to access grants, thereby alleviating some case-related financial burdens. For those outside the legal aid spectrum, we’ve instituted flexible payment structures, ensuring that top-tier representation, be it for divorce lawyers in Dandenong or child support lawyers in Dandenong, remains within reach.

In a sea of legal entities, Pentana Stanton Lawyers emerges as a beacon among Dandenong’s elite family law firms. With us, you aren’t just getting a lawyer; you’re gaining a partner, a confidant, and a champion. Take that transformative step with us, and together, we’ll pen a brighter, more hopeful chapter in the story of your life.

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Empathetic Approach 

Navigating the emotional maze of separations can be overwhelming. As trusted family lawyers in Dandenong, we’re deeply committed to supporting and guiding you throughout this challenging process.

Our team’s diversity is one of our core strengths. Boasting solicitors proficient in nine different languages, we ensure that when you partner with our family lawyers in Dandenong, you’re paired with someone who genuinely understands not just the intricacies of the law, but also your unique personal narrative. This ensures clearer communication, deeper trust, and a representation that truly resonates with your needs.


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Future-focused Advice 

Making informed decisions about your future during a turbulent separation can be daunting. As leading family lawyers in Dandenong, we understand these challenges intimately.

Our expert advice, rooted in years of experience as family lawyers in Dandenong, is tailored to guide you from your current situation to your desired future. We are dedicated to ensuring you make the best choices for your well-being and peace of mind.


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Efficient Outcomes 

Enduring prolonged separation battles can drain you emotionally and strain your finances. As seasoned family lawyers in Dandenong, we are attuned to these challenges.

Our dedicated approach, cultivated from years of experience as premier family lawyers in Dandenong, prioritises achieving the right outcome for you swiftly. We aim to expedite the process so you can transition to the next chapter of your life with confidence and peace.


“Ben Vincent of Pentana Stanton worked day in, day out, overtime and weekends to fight and advocate for myself and my children and what was best for them in our greatest time of need.

He never faltered, never buckled and was never going to give in. He always listened to myself and put the needs of my kids and myself above all else, and fought relentlessly for us.

The dedication and commitment poured into my case was absolutely phenomenal and I could never have asked for anything more. There are no words to express the gratitude.”

Kara Baker

Family, Separation and Divorce Lawyers 

Separation transpires when one or both individuals in a relationship, be it marriage or de facto, decide their union has reached its end. Often, this results in both parties ceasing to live together. However, it’s essential to note that, in legal terms, separation can still be recognized even if both parties continue to reside in the same dwelling.

If you and your partner are contemplating separation or have already taken that step, it’s imperative to consult with experienced family lawyers in Dandenong. Ensure you’re well-informed and protected in areas such as:

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Child Support Lawyers - Family Lawyers Melbourne

Child Support Lawyers in Dandenong

Under the Child Support (Assessment) Act (Cth), the primary carer of a child can seek financial assistance from the other parent to manage the daily care expenses.

Child support determinations consider various factors including the income of each parent, the number of children involved, and their respective living arrangements.

It’s worth noting that every parent holds the right to contest child support decisions and request a comprehensive review.

For those based in and around Dandenong, our family lawyers in Dandenong are here to assist. We can help demystify the intricacies of a child support agreement, ensure you achieve the most favorable outcome in any assessment, and offer expert advice on contesting initial review decisions.

Children’s Matters Involving the DFFH 

In situations where family violence or child abuse is brought to light, the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) is mandated to carry out investigations. If they determine a substantial risk of harm, they can take the step of removing your children from your home.

Further actions can also involve you being served with a protection application, a supervision order, or an interim accommodation order.

If you find yourself faced with a removal application by the DFFH, it’s crucial to reach out to our family lawyers in Dandenong promptly. Our family law specialists can guide you through your available options and help navigate this challenging terrain.

Addressing the concerns raised by the DFFH early on is essential. If the Court deems it necessary for the child’s safety, they possess the authority to remove them from your custody. Trust our family lawyers in Dandenong to provide you with informed advice and representation during such critical times.

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Family Violence and Intervention Orders (IVO)  in Dandenong

If you’re facing threats, violence, control, or coercion from a family member, you have the right to seek protection. Applying for a family violence or intervention order can be done either through the police or directly at the Magistrates’ Court in Dandenong.

In situations demanding urgent protection, an interim intervention order is pivotal. Our family lawyers in Dandenong are adept at guiding you through the application intricacies, ensuring you secure the order in the swiftest possible time frame for your safety and peace of mind.

Family Law Matters in Melbourne

Injunctions and Urgent Applications 

Typically, the interval between submitting a court application and your initial court appearance spans six to eight weeks.

However, there are circumstances where such a wait is not viable.

Should you face pressing challenges, like your ex-partner withholding your children, attempting to move your children abroad, or liquidating the assets from your marriage, our adept family lawyers in Dandenong are here to guide you. With their expertise, they can help fast-track your case, ensuring timely intervention.

Parenting Disputes and Child Custody in Dandenong

Navigating the challenges of separation demands crucial decisions, especially regarding the well-being of your children.

You have the option to establish a legally binding agreement with your partner concerning their care. However, if consensus eludes both parties, the Court can intervene, issuing a parenting order to safeguard your children’s best interests.

If you’re in the midst of a separation or have concerns about potential risks to your child, our seasoned family lawyers in Dandenong, with extensive experience in child custody, are ready to assist and guide you through these trying times.

Matters that require court determination in the Dandenong area, are typically listed at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia in Dandenong.

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Family Law - Property Settlement experts in Melbourne

Property Settlement 

Managing a property settlement during a separation can be an emotionally taxing ordeal.

Our seasoned family lawyers in Dandenong are here to act as your impartial representatives. Our primary goal is to safeguard your financial future, ensuring that the assets accumulated during your relationship are apportioned justly.

If you and your partner are navigating an amicable separation, our family lawyers in Dandenong offer pragmatic legal counsel, streamlining the process to be swift and cost-efficient.

Should the need arise to take matters to court, trust in our expertise to diligently advocate for a fair and balanced settlement on your behalf.

Binding Financial Agreements 

Protect the financial future of your relationship with a binding financial agreement (BFA). 

Like an insurance policy, a BFA is a way for both you and your spouse/de facto partner to safeguard your assets if something happens. 

We’ll work with you to provide holistic BFA advice that encompasses your current and future financial statuses.  

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Why Victorians Choose Pentana Stanton 

"I started working with Durra from Pentana Stanton at a very crucial time. My previous lawyer was unable to reassure me much of the time and would often write lengthy emails with worst case scenarios which were overwhelming and confusing. When I met Durra I instantly felt like she could hear me and she would be able to advocate for our child. Durra also had a way of reassuring me of the realities of our particular case. Durra gave me my voice back. It was hard to put my trust in a lawyer after my first experience but Im so glad I did with Durra, we achieved a great outcome and I am forever grateful."

Emma Ralph

I’d like to personally thank the staff at Pentana Stanton lawyers. In particular my personal lawyer Durra Baraz And the support staff that help her. Durra And her team we are always professional and I always felt that they always had my families best interests in mind. Family law can be quite stressful And a turbulent time I’m grateful for them helping and guiding me through the process. To be honest I couldn’t be more happier with the service they provide I would highly recommend them. Thank you Pentana Stanton lawyers for helping me achieve a great outcome.

Mickey Mac

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