Going through divorce and separation is never easy. Problems will often arise when people get caught up in the small details and issues of the process, that they forgot about the desired outcome they originally wanted. Stay on track, don’t waste time and avoid these mistakes during your separation or divorce.

1. Don’t Pass On Getting Expert Legal Advice

You can significantly disadvantage yourself by trying to take on all the work associated with your divorce on your own without consulting a professional. Absolute accuracy is vital when filling out paperwork and documentation and you will be subject to strict submission deadlines. Negotiations and property settlement can be lengthy and depending on your relations with your partner, unpleasant or distressing.

A good divorce lawyer will be able to assist you with this in an efficient manner. To better your chances of meeting your goals in a timely manner, they can handle negotiations on your behalf and if needed, represent you in family court.

2. Don’t Rely On Advice From Friends

The process of divorce and separation can be as unique as the individuals applying for it. Variable factors such as whether or not you have children, marriage length, financial and non-financial contributions to your marriage, shared assets and the reason for divorce can all impact the process.

While a friend or relative may be able to relate to some of what you’re going through and provide emotional support, when it comes to organising your divorce, you do not want to be confounded by legal or financial advice from non-experts.

3. Avoid Overspending

Ending a long-term marriage often means a lot of mixed emotions but also a sense of liberation as you are on your own once again. It’s best, however, to refrain from large or luxury purchases soon after your separation. During a divorce, overspending while you still have joint accounts with your partner may put you at risk of being accused of dissipating assets.

4. Don’t Publicise Your Issues on Social Media

Maybe you’ll want to change your marital status or announce your divorce on your social media. You may want to talk this over with your spouse but if you think it’s okay with them, this isn’t usually a problem. It is sharing information about important dates, your divorce proceedings and negative comments about your spouse that should be avoided at all costs.

Socially, it’s not pleasant and may alienate friends or networks you may share with your spouse. Legally, what you post or share online at your own will, can be used against you during the divorce process. So it’s best to just not do it.

5. Don’t Lose Sight Of What’s Best For Your Kids

Remember that divorce is between yourself and your partner. Your children do not have the same autonomy in divorcing their other parent and will not think of them in the same way that you do. If there are no reasonable grounds for it, you should never ever use your children and their custody to manipulate your partner during divorce negotiations or settlement.

Always think about what is best for the needs of your children when it comes to custody arrangements. Shared custody is not always easy but it is much more comfortable than the ongoing legal battles and bitterness that results from a custody war during a divorce that can also disturb your children.

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