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Pentana Stanton Lawyers are trusted employment lawyers for all workplace related law claims, defence and compensation. We advise, assist and represent both employers and employees.

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Why Us?

  • We are well-versed with employment laws across all jurisdictions.
  • Our first objective is to focus on early settlements where possible to avoid litigation and unnecessary costs.
  • We negotiate to help employees remove themselves from difficult situations with grace and a competitive severance package.
  • We advise employers on their rights and duties so the appropriate standards, best practices and incentives can be set.
  • Our workplace lawyers have extensive experience with handling claims related to work injuries.

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Our employment lawyers across Melbourne can advise you across a full range of employment-related laws as well as provide effective representation in matters of unfair dismissal, adverse actions, discrimination, sexual harassment, termination payments, work injuries, as well as occupational health and safety, including workplace bullying.

The Fair Work Act provides numerous protections for employees, and any breach from an employers’ side must be challenged at the earliest availability. We help you establish breach of duty or negligence by initiating negotiations with your employer’s legal team, or if required, argue your case in court. When facing a more powerful party, you need to play your cards right while retaining your professionalism. Our personalised advice and sound legal strategies have enabled clients to emerge unscathed and victorious.

Even if you don’t believe you have a strong case, you should not lose hope. If you have been wronged, we will find a way to bring forth your claim and take it to its logical conclusion. Our deep awareness of the many issues facing individuals at the workplace has consistently allowed us to obtain favourable outcomes and help employees get their life back on track and move on to bigger and better things.

We are also a trusted source for employees seeking to clearly understand the terms and conditions outlined within their employment contract.

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Pentana Stanton has navigated a variety of workplace employment and industrial relations matters across Melbourne. Our Dandenong lawyers work collaboratively with your management or HR to draft employment contracts, enterprise agreements and bargaining agreements. Our employment lawyers offer advice pertaining to employee and company taxation concerns, protection of intellectual property, discrimination and harassment issues, and developing terms and conditions of internet and email usage.

We have assisted employers with negotiation strategies to resolve a range of disputes, from unfair dismissal, and pay to superannuation issues, employee misconduct and grievances. Our lawyers put clear, fair and confidential dispute resolution procedures in place, with the goal of expediting the bargaining process to save you substantial time and money.

We are also industrial law experts, providing advice and assistance relating to workforce restructuring, drafting policies and procedures, statutory obligations under Commonwealth and State legislation, and managing workplace risk and hazards.

Companies are increasingly taking a holistic approach to workplace relations by seeking strategic advisory in areas of employment law, human resources management, migration and technology.

If you’re looking to reduce the costs and risks associated with managing your workforce, we can not only help you minimize or altogether avoid major disputes but also manage workplace disputes such that they don’t affect your bottom line or reputation. Contact the best employment lawyers at Pentana Stanton in Dandenong today on 03 9002 2800.