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An employee’s job is one of the most important aspects of their life. It’s where they spend the majority of their time and it’s what helps them provide for themselves and their family. Unfortunately, not all employers treat their employees fairly. Some employers discriminate against their employees, sexual harass them, or even fire them without cause. If you’re an employee who has been treated unfairly by your employer, our employment lawyers in Berwick can help.

We provide legal services for workers across a full range of employment-related laws. We can advise you on your rights and help you file a claim if you’ve been the victim of unfair dismissal, discrimination, sexual harassment, or any other form of workplace harassment. We can also help you if you’ve been injured at work or are dealing with a work-related illness.

No one should have to suffer through mistreatment at their job. If you’re an employee who has been wronged by your employer, please contact us. Our Berwick solicitors are available in Melbourne and many other surrounding suburbs. Our employment lawyers in Berwick can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.


Welcome to our website dedicated to providing legal services for employers. Our team of experienced lawyers can provide you with the consultation and representation you need in a variety of employment-related matters. We can help you draft employment contracts, enterprise agreements, and bargaining agreements. We can also advise you on employee and company taxation concerns, protection of intellectual property, and discrimination and harassment issues. If you need help developing terms and conditions of internet and email usage, we can assist you with that as well. Whether you have a small issue that you need some consultation on, or you require ongoing representation for a dispute, Berwick solicitor can help you get it sorted as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to get started.


When you are dealing with an issue of family law in Berwick, you need a lawyer who is both understanding and experienced. At our law firm, our family lawyers in Berwick take a compassionate approach to each case, while also providing honest and realistic advice.

We recognise that every family is different, and we will tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our family lawyers in Berwick work hard to foster productive dialogue and to achieve effective resolutions that work for everyone involved, especially when children are involved.

Throughout the process, our family and divorce lawyers in Berwick remain closely involved and supportive, making sure that you are always updated on the latest developments. Our family law firm’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome.

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    Looking for a personal injury lawyer in Berwick?

    If you have suffered an injury owing to the negligence of another party, you can claim compensation covering the costs of medical care for your injuries, material damages, non-monetary damages and past and future loss of earnings.

    In legal terms, a personal injury refers to the physical and/or psychological damages to an individual resulting from the actions of another party. Not only do personal injuries span a vast variety, the requirements to prove a personal injury claim and be awarded compensation differ across States and Territories.

    Pentana Stanton’s team of personal injury lawyers in Berwick providing consultation and advice to help you understand the merits of your case, gather all the necessary documents and file a claim.

    If you have been injured in your Melbourne workplace, suffer a transport accident injury on the road or because of someone else or need assistance regarding superannuation insurance claims, find out how our personal injury lawyers can help you with your claim and call us today.

    Commercial Lawyers in Berwick

    Commercial Lawyers in Berwick are an integral element of the business community. They offer legal advice and assistance to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established businesses. Commercial lawyers are knowledgeable about the law and how it affects businesses. They put this knowledge to work for their clients, protecting their interests and assisting them in achieving their objectives. Commercial Lawyers in Berwick are adept negotiators and mediators. They also have litigation experience, allowing them to effectively represent their clients in court. Any business can benefit greatly from the services of a commercial lawyer. They give businesses the legal skills they require to prosper.


    If you have any concerns regarding your rights, are looking for a representative that is understanding and focused on your needs, or require any further information regarding our range of legal services, contact us today on (03) 9002 2800 or get in touch via email

    We work with clients from all over Melbourne and offer our family law services to them in all suburbs. We are located in Dandenong and have experienced lawyers ready to help you in all suburbs including: Family lawyers Blackburn , Family lawyers Blackburn South, Family lawyers Boronia, Family lawyers Brighton, Family lawyers Brunswick. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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