For individuals who have experienced the trauma of a criminal act, the journey towards healing and justice is often complex and challenging. Victims of crime applications provide essential support and resources, playing a vital role in their recovery process. This blog aims to delve into these applications, highlighting their importance and guiding victims on how to access and benefit from them.

What are Victims of Crime Applications?

Victims of crime applications are formal requests by individuals who have suffered from a criminal act, seeking assistance. Administered by government agencies or non-profit organizations, these applications address the unique needs of each victim, offering financial compensation, counseling, and legal support.

The Application Process

Online and Written Applications

Victims can file an application for financial assistance online by clicking HERE. Alternatively, a written Application for Assistance form can be completed and lodged. This can be posted to the Melbourne Tribunal (GPO Box 882, Melbourne 3001) or emailed to There is no fee for filing an application with the Tribunal.

Information Required

The application requires information about the category of the victim (primary, secondary, related, or funeral expenses only), details of the crime (date, location, and nature of the act of violence), police reporting details, and the type of injury suffered. It’s important to note that the crime does not need to have led to a prosecution or conviction, but must be serious enough to warrant imprisonment.

Details of the Crime and Police Reporting

The application must include details of the alleged crime, including where and when it occurred, and who committed it. If the crime was reported to the police, details of the reporting officer and station are needed. If not reported immediately, a statutory declaration explaining the reasons should be included.

Injury Suffered and Determination of the Application

The Tribunal must be satisfied that the applicant suffered an injury, which could be physical, psychological, or a combination. The process may involve a hearing, providing an opportunity for victims to express the impact of the crime.

Financial Assistance from Other Schemes/Sources

Information about any other financial assistance received or entitlements is required as it may affect the Tribunal’s decision.

Type of Assistance Awarded

The Tribunal may award financial assistance for various expenses, including counseling, medical expenses, and safety-related costs. The applicant must indicate the types of assistance they are seeking.

The Importance of Victims of Crime Applications

Empowering Victims

These applications empower victims by providing support during tumultuous times. They help in the healing process, addressing financial, emotional, and legal needs.

Bridging the Justice Gap

They ensure victims’ voices are heard and losses acknowledged, fostering a sense of justice and closure.

Societal Impact

These applications reflect a societal commitment to supporting those affected by crime, fostering a compassionate and just society.

Seeking Legal Assistance

For guidance through this process, legal support can be invaluable.

Victims of crime applications represent a vital lifeline for those affected by crime, offering support, justice, and a pathway to recovery. Understanding and utilising these applications can significantly impact a victim’s journey towards healing and empowerment. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime, remember that help is available, and you are not alone in this journey.