Most marriages today end in divorce.  This is a sad little fact that probably doesn’t make you feel any better when you are busy signing those papers and pretty soon you will be bombarded with one question; why…  Why did your relationship end in divorce? And more importantly why do so many marriages end in divorce?

There are an infinite number of reasons for marriages to end in divorce and in most cases, more than a single reason contributed to a failed marriage.  Most long-term relationships also don’t evaporate overnight. Most couples call it quits after a very long time of struggling and battling to make things work.  

But it might help you to view some of the most common reasons relationships end in divorce so you can either try to fix these errors before it starts affecting your relationship or so you can start accepting the inevitable.    

Here are the five most common reasons relationships end in divorce.

Couples stop being curious about one another

When you live with the same person you get to know them pretty well – in some cases too well.  Pretty soon you know exactly what they will think of something before enquiring about them and you will know exactly what words will fall from their lips before they utter them.  While it is great to know someone so well it also has a few downsides and one of the biggest downsides is boredom. You get bored with someone if you can predict their every move and couples stop being curious about one another.  To avoid this common relationship error it is so important to keep being curious about your partner and to keep doing interesting and surprising things.

Too much communication

Healthy communication can do a lot for your relationship but sometimes we say just too much.  In modern relationships, there are so many ways to communicate with one another. We communicate over social media, through friends and family, via text messaging, over phone calls, through actions, and in person.  Talking too much can have a suffocating effect or can make someone feel pressured. It also takes the fun out of personal conversations when you are constantly texting your every thought and in many cases partners end up saying hurtful things that they can never take back or they just look too deeply into a specific situation.

Sex becomes stressful

Sex in a relationship should be fun and should be a way to connect and get close to one another.  But as time goes on sex can lead to misunderstandings, arguments and can put a lot of strain on a relationship when one partner isn’t as active as the other or when both partners feel they are not performing well enough.  This is also a pretty challenging topic to take on since very few people know how to express their sexual needs accurately and honestly.

Arguments about money

Money and financial stress lead to plenty of frustration.  Without money you cannot enjoy activities, you cannot spoil one another, it becomes hard to maintain a great look and it is incredibly tough to feel worthy.  All of these affects your relationship in one way or another and often leads to divorce.

One or both partners feel suffocated

Every successful relationship requires sacrifice – a lot of sacrifices.  But in many cases, one partner ends up giving up too much or is left to deal with too many responsibilities while the other partner still maintains a sense of freedom.  It can be so easy to feel suffocated if you cannot see your friends, do the things you love or get a break. Feeling suffocated naturally makes you reach out to others or want to escape your environment.  

It is important to watch out for these five common reasons for relationships to fail but it is also important to acknowledge when there just isn’t something to be done about these problems.  With the right help, you can save your relationship or you can break things off and start afresh and enjoy the full and beloved life that everyone deserves.

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