The legal aspects associated with your business and employees can be quite overwhelming. If you have a business, then commercial lawyers should be seen as part of your business. These legal experts can help your company in so many different ways and could very well mean the difference between staying operational and closing your company’s doors.

If you have never used the services of a business lawyer, then it is time for you to give Pentana Stanton Lawyers a call. Our services make it much easier for your company to stay compliant, safe, and to overcome so many management and operational issues.

Here are the top ways our commercial lawyers can help your business.

Dispute Resolution

Not all disputes have to end in court. Lawyers are experts at handling all types of disputes within your business, including employee-employer disputes, share disputes, ownership disputes, partnership disputes, management disputes, and much more. Our experts will meet with everyone that is involved in the dispute, evaluate the situation, and will provide you with the most viable solutions. We help clear the air within companies so your business can function properly.

Business Advice

Need some advice on challenging corporate regulations, contracts, governance, shareholders, documentation, business divisions, or expansions? We have you covered. Our experts can provide you with the best legal advice that is sure to keep your business in the green.

Franchise Assistance

A franchise is a great place to start if you’re looking to own your own business. The fact that they have an established name and proven operational methods make them a great starting point for new business owners. We can offer you franchise assistance and will help with anything from your franchise agreements, copyrights, and more.

Tax Assistance

Business taxes can be difficult to manage, but even this challenging task becomes simple if you have the right team that can provide you with the best legal advice.

Contracts and Documentation

Business contracts such as employee contracts, rental agreements, mortgages, and disclosures can be tricky to navigate. If you want to be 100% certain that all business documentation and contracts are binding and all-inclusive, then you need the help of experts who deal with these types of contracts on a daily basis.

Legal Advice

Legal advice always comes in handy if you are not sure of how to handle a difficult situation. With professional legal advice from experienced commercial attorneys, you can manage and operate your business without any legal risk.

Business Structures

Pentana Stanton can help you with your business structure so can safely proceed with business changes without putting your business or your own personal input in the business at risk. Speak to our business legal team in Dandenong by calling (03) 900 22 800.

On-Site Injuries or Work Injuries

On-site injuries or work injuries are nightmare situations for any business. Those who get injured on your site or while working for your business can prosecute you for medical costs, and these costs can be significant depending on the nature of the injury. We can give you sound advice when it comes to work-related injuries and can help your business get the best possible results from these sensitive situations.
Employee Misconduct

Employees that are partaking in illegal conduct on the job may need some legal action taken against them if the infraction is serious enough. Attorneys can help you solve employee disputes and can help you address employees who are breaking the law.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues in your business, then you know it can be difficult to come to a resolution without the help of an experienced legal team. The team at Pentana Stanton are here to help with all of your business issues.