Family matters are pretty sensitive and create a lot of stress. Trying to resolve these matters yourself is not always the best course of action. The issues are often twofold, namely:

The effect of the family breakdown upon you personally and also upon the rest of your family; and
The general uncertainty regarding what options are available and what you need to be doing.

Our family lawyers in Dandenong can remove these issues by assisting you to manage, guide, support and lead out in getting these issues resolved. Our lawyers will give you a clear direction, remove the uncertainty and takes the stress out of family disputes.

Separation or Divorce

It is always best to get the help of a lawyer when a couple split up whether you are legally married or simply living together. Divorce lawyers can help the two of you avoid lengthy disputes, they can help you handle negotiations and they ca

n protect your interest so you are not cheated out of what is fair when your paths separate.

Child Custody Matters

Child custody is a very serious matter and you need to choose your lawyer wisely in these cases. Good family lawyers are familiar with the considerations a judge will take account of when determining the custody of the children. They can help you to prepare to place yourself in the best position to seek the primary care of your children. Courts seek to ensure the children’s best interest is paramount and a good family lawyer will support you in seeking the best outcome for your children. There are different arrangements that can be made for families and their children. You want the advice and representation of a family lawyer who is experienced and well able to support your family towards an arrangement that ensures that the child is taken care off and both parents are able to stay part of their child’s life.

Child Support

Child support can easily turn into a heated argument for even the best of parents. Family lawyers can assist you with child support issues that do not fall within the Child Support Agency’s umbrella. This includes lump sum provisions, non-periodic payments and most importantly, your family lawyer can help you draft a legally binding agreement that will enforce both parents to do their part.

Intervention Orders

If any legal case is made against parents then you should get the help of a family lawyer. In all cases of domestic abuse or family violence it is best to consult with your family lawyer. This may involve Intervention Orders and being accused of Family Violence. It is critical to seek advice of a family lawyer urgently to avoid this impacting future parenting outcomes.

DHHS & Children’s Issues

It is wise to ask the help of a lawyer if you are investigated by social workers or the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) based on allegations of domestic abuse. Skilled lawyers can help parents who are falsely accused, who need help through the maze of DHHS involvement and can support you through proceedings with DHHS and the Children’s Court to avoid losing custody of your children. A family lawyer will ensure that abused family members receive the best possible protection and outcome for their case.
Parental Disputes

Parenting is tough and it is only natural when parties separate to find themselves in disputes about the future of a child. Before things get out of hand you should contact your family lawyer for help. Your family lawyer will give you the best possible advice with regards to the issues, they can handle negotiations on your behalf and they can even assist in solving all sorts of disputes such as the time the children spend with each parent, what to do with Christmas and birthdays and which schools your child should attend and more.
Property Settlements

In case of divorce or separation, your family lawyer can assist you with all types of property and financial matters such as the valuation of assets, liabilities, superannuation, the determination of the division of properties and more. Your family lawyer can help you to tidy up everything so that it is legally binding and then you can move forward in the future with peace of mind knowing that your financial issues with your ex-partner have been finalised.

Deed Disputes

If a family member wants to give financial help to another a family lawyer can also help draft Deeds to reflect the real agreement. This will overcome disputes and ensure binding agreements are respected in the future.

Family Agreements

Lawyers can assist in all types of family agreements such as financial agreements between you and a parent, you and a sibling, you and other relatives and much more. We can assist with any type of binding agreements whether it is custody, financial, child support or agreements about caring for aged parents.

If you are uncertain about whether to engage a family lawyer then think again. By seeking professional help you can avoid plenty of heated arguments, remove the uncertainty, take you out of dealing with the family member directly, and be assured your interest is being promoted. Whether it is handling the negotiations, ensuring that the final agreement is binding, making sure your child has the benefit of a nurturing and supportive arrangement, dealing with the complexities of the dispute and acting to promote the best outcome possible in your situation, family lawyers are here to help you.