Setting up and operating a business can be a complex affair. Commercial lawyers have professional knowledge of legal matters pertaining to the formation and establishment of businesses, advising and representing you through difficulties and negotiating resolutions where necessary, representing your business in court if required and litigating on your behalf to obtain a more favourable outcome.

Below are some of the areas of expertise that Pentana Stanton lawyers can assist with.

Dispute Resolution

In the world of business, litigation between businesses, with employees or dismissed employees, or with property managers or owners can result in long, costly affairs you’d probably rather avoid or resolve quickly.

If you’re being taken to court or would like to pursue legal action against another party (for example, in cases of trademark or intellectual property infringement), it helps to have professional legal advice from a reputable commercial lawyer. Why? In many instances, cases can often be resolved outside of court for a fraction of the cost. When this is not possible, lawyers will represent you and help you seek a fair judgment whilst ensuring that your rights are recognised.

Purchasing a Business

If you’ve got a great business idea but don’t know where to start in terms of acquiring and forming the business, consider consulting with a commercial lawyer. There are many types of business formation, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Each has its unique characteristics, and it will affect your liability and responsibility as a business owner or partner.

Any aspect of purchasing or selling a business should be considered in well-written contracts that protect your rights and ensure you’re getting your end of the bargain. Commercial lawyers can analyse contracts and provide recommendations and can also draft and submit legal contracts on your behalf. 

Purchasing a business also involves many other parties such as landlords of the business premises, equipment hire and supply contracts, council permits, food handling and health and safety matters.  You may be purchasing a franchise that has further considerations. It is crucial to have a commercial lawyer handle every step of your business purchase or sale to ensure that things are done right and you can focus on the business with peace of mind. 

Corporate Insolvency

Many businesses fail every year. Dissolving your business and repaying debts doesn’t necessarily mean your options are exhausted. You may be able to liquidate your business entirely, for example, if you have no intention of salvaging the company. It’s best to retain a reputable commercial lawyer if you’re considering dissolution of your company in order to better understand your options so that you may enjoy more beneficial terms.

Commercial Lawyers at Pentana Stanton

At Pentana Stanton, our expert commercial lawyers are able to assist you with all of the above and more. Our friendly yet professional approach will give you peace of mind and confidence that you and your business are taken care of.