You may be wondering how hiring a property lawyer can save you money, big money, in fact. Purchasing property from reputable real estate agencies or resolving issues with tenants in your rental properties are often smooth processes that you can possibly handle yourself.

What happens when things don’t go as planned though? When your property purchase doesn’t quite go as planned or if troublesome tenants refuse to cooperate, for instance, you’ll be happy to have a good, reliable property lawyer on hand to help you resolve legal issues and potentially save you big money.

What Does a Property Lawyer Do?

In brief, property lawyers deal with legal matters pertaining to property. This includes services such as:

  • Conveyancing for residential or commercial property purchases;
  • Forming and reviewing property contracts and leases;
  • Subdividing property and developing easements;
  • Negotiating council or development regulations;
  • Evaluating property mortgage transactions for borrowers and lenders;
  • Strata and strata management advice.

Why Do I Need a Property Lawyer?

Matters pertaining to property, a valuable investment, can go awry without legal advice. If you aren’t careful when forming or signing property contracts, things can get out of hand quickly and end up potentially costing you a lot of money.

Property lawyers are a valuable asset for anyone looking for peace of mind when dealing with property matters and disputes. In addition, they can help you achieve more favourable outcomes if you’re ever in a situation where legal representation is required.

How Can Property Lawyers Save Me Money?

Consider the value of your property and you can see that even slight errors and omissions on important documents, such as a slight decimal percentage change on a mortgage, can lead to costly expenses. Property lawyers can rectify unfavourable situations to result in diminishing your liabilities or maximising your expected payments where due.

Each case can have its own complexities and circumstances, so there’s no telling exactly how much property lawyers can save. It’s really a case by case basis, but regardless, the cost of not hiring a property lawyer, in addition to headaches and time lost, can far outweigh the nominal cost of hiring one.

Litigation and Representation for Property Disputes

It’s often the goal of property owners big and small to keep happy tenants that reliably pay their monthly rent and create little disturbance. Often, however, disputes arise between tenants and the property owner. 

These disputes range from matters that can be settled peacefully outside of court, which can be far less costly than seeking remediation through the courts. Sometimes, there’s no way of rectifying the matter with the tenant and legal force needs to be applied. 

No matter the case, don’t act out of anger and try to seek ‘cowboy justice’. Entering the property, even if it belongs to you, can be unlawful without the tenant’s consent, which they’re far less likely to give you if you’re not on good terms. You’ll be happy to have a lawyer representing your interests and achieving resolutions in your favour than going it alone.

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